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Opa-locka Consortium for Early Childhood

The Opa-locka Consortium for Early Childhood (OCEC) is a strategic response to improving the quality of early childhood educational centers and programs serving infants and children in the City of Opa-locka. The OCEC, developed and led by OLCDC, is comprised of centers delivering early childhood services working towards improving program quality, professional development, parenting, partnerships, and maximum participation of infants and children in early childhood education programs. The OCEC meets quarterly.

Diagram depictings relationship of OCEC to components related to quality early childhood programming in Opa-locka

The OCEC serves as the mechanism and conduit for partnerships, professional development and training, funding, and resources for early learning childhood centers and providers that are members of the Consortium. The core mission of the OCEC is to improve the overall program quality designed to meet the educational, health, social, and developmental needs of infants and children enrolled in early learning childhood centers and programs in the City. Thus, a defined system that identifies, assesses, and evaluates the program quality of early learning childhood centers and programs is critically foundational.

This system also provides advocacy and assistance to early learning centers and programs committed to providing high quality programming for infants and children in the City of Opa-locka, as well as parents and families of children both enrolled and those needing to be enrolled in early childhood programs.

Critically important to the focus on improving quality of programming in early childhood programs and centers in Opa-locka is the full adoption, implementation, and use of the Quality Counts rating system designed and funded by The Children's Trust in partnership with the Early Learning Coalition of Miami-Dade/Monroe. Consequently, both entities serve as vital strategic partners in this effort.

Empowering Parents for Success

OLCDC's Empowering Parents for Success Home Visitation Program provides support for children ages 0-3 and their parents in the Opa-Locka area to improve health, education, and safety outcomes. OLCDC partners with the Institute for Child and Family Health (ICFH) and multiple early childcare agencies to implement the program, which uses the Parents as Teachers curriculum to offer a range of services to pregnant women and mothers and fathers of children ages 0-3. These services include home visits, health care information, parenting education, home safety information, child developmental screenings, written materials, parent support groups, as well as referrals to other services as needed.

To sign up for the Empowering Parents for Success Home Visitation Program, please contact Mayra Lorenzo at mlorenzo@icfhinc.org or call (305) 632-4070.

Early Learning Coalition Satellite Office

In partnership with the Early Learning Coalition (ELC), an ELC satellite office will be located in the City of Opa-locka. OLCDC will provide office space for the ELC, which will provide both initial and renewal School Readiness and Eligibility services by appointment.

At the satellite office, parents will have access to computers to apply online for the Voluntary Prekindergarten (VPK) Education Program and enroll their children in school readiness programs designed to prepare them for school, particularly those from income-eligible families. These programs are intended to serve as a preventive measure for children at risk of future school failure.

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